How to get Endless Storage Space

     The blogging platform from Blogger gives you 1Gb of free storage space for the multimedia on their blogs.At first it looks like enough free storage space, but in time this will get full and you can't add any more videos or photos.
   With a little patience and a small trick you can turn your 1Gb of free space in an infinite storage space for your multimedia, this can last forever.
   Photos and videos it's an important aspect to create intresting and attractive blog, the multimedia on your blog will go hand in hand with your text & you can add as much images as you like  without paying any money for extra storege space.
   Blogger uses the Picasa Web Albums to store the multimedia on your blog, Picasa provides a storage space of 1Gb for the multimedia to a free user.
   The trick it's very simple to get infinit free space from Picasa, all you have to do it' to make sure that your photos have a resolution of 800x800 pixels or lesser & videos have a length less than 15 minutes, this way your multimedia will not count towards the storage limit of your blog regardless of their quality.
   You can upload infinite multimedia fitting this criterion and your free space would not get affected at all. This method it's totally legal and it will makes you never run out of the default Blogger storage space limit.
   This trick works really well, all you have to do to get endless storage space it's to be carefull that your upload video or picture will meet those criterias. 

   Good luck with your multimedia & I hope you will enjoy your Free Space from Picasa. ;)

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